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The word "giclée" (pronounced "jhee-clay") comes from the French language. The term "le gicleur" means "nozzle" and the word "gicler" means "to squirt, spurt, or spray".  Giclée refers to inkjet printing using fade resistant, archival inks and media, produced on a sophisticated high resolution, 11-color, large format printer.  This process is used to make reproductions of original two-dimensional artwork, photographs, or computer-generated art from high-resolution digital files.  The quality of giclée prints rival that of traditional photolab products as they are sharper, brighter, last longer, and have a range of colors that is much greater than that of traditional lithography.  Giclée prints can be found in museums, art and photographic galleries, and auctions.




Giclée prints allow you to--

  • Produce copies of your artwork on demand instead of mass producing it.  Once you have a digital file of your work, single copies or limited editions can be produced at a reasonable cost.  Furthermore, you have a choice of size and materials that you would not have with standard 4-color printing. 
  • Offer high-quality prints to customers who can not afford original art work.  The increased exposure can increase the value of the original, instead of decreasing it's value the way a large number of mass production copies would.  
  • Create exceptional, archival quality prints well-suited for digital, professional, and fine art photographers.  

Ziba can print from your high-resolution digital files.  We can also make high-quality digital reproductions of your original art work.  If you still have negatives or transparencies, we can scan those for you.  We offer printing of media on fine art, canvas and photo surfaces at $15.00 a square foot.  We will utilize our thirty years of experience in traditional photographic printing to make you the best print possible.


12x18 - $22.50  20x30 - $62.25 40x60 - $249.75
16 x 20 - $31.12 24x36 - $90.00
20x24 - $49.80 30x40 - $124.88


Contact us for a quote for the size and quantity that you want.





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