Ziba Imaging

We offer Passport photos, scanning, as well as  digital images of photos, art, and small objects on our first floor facility. 




On the second floor, we have a state-of –the-art large format IMAGING STUDIO featuring PHASE ONE DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY.   

Ziba can provide you with COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPY of three dimensional items as well as reproductions of two dimensional art and photographs. PORTAIT PHOTOGRAPHY of individuals or families is also available. We do both indoor and outdoor photography, including documentation of industrial and architectural work.

 Contact Ziba  for studio and location rate information.



See our home page about our food photography services!

Welcome to Ziba Publishing

Professional Imaging

High end kitchen and studio utilizing Phase 1 Technology


Book design, printing, specializing in recipe books.


Photographic, Large format, Fine Art, and Laser Printing.

Have a question about our services? See our FAQs page, or contact us! And feel free to visit Ziba at our Berkeley studio & printing facility.